Episode 2: A Brief History of ‘Zines & the Healing Power of Yard Sales

I’m so excited to have Katie Haegele on the podcast for episode 2! Katie is the author of two books (with a third coming soon!), and many awesome ‘zines. I talked to her about the ‘zines she’s made, the history of this DIY publishing phenomenon, and about her undying love of all things secondhand—as evidenced by her book, “White Elephants: On Yard Sales, Relationships, and Finding What Was Missing.”

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Katie at her table at Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, in Brooklyn, one of her favorite ‘zine fests.
A selection of Katie’s favorite ‘zines: Lower East Side Librarian Winter Solstice Shout-Out, by Jenna Freedman; Dream Whip, by Bill Brown; The Fifth Book of Cats, by Nicholas Beckett; Oddservations, by Susan Panaway; I Love Soda, by Rebecca Berkowitz; Dig Deep, by Heather Colby;
Minutiae, by Aijung Kim; Cheaptoys, by Giz
Two of Katie’s recent ‘zines: Cat Party #1 and The Kytchyn Witche Guide to Natural Living.
A ‘zine reading at East Falls Zine Reading Room — a.k.a. Katie’s house.
This plate, which Katie found at a yard sale, is one of her favorite secondhand finds. It hangs above her desk.

For more info about Katie and her work, visit her website, thelalatheory.com.

All photos by Katie Haegele.