Episode 8: Building the Perfect Railroad, LEGO Brick by Brick …

Monty Smith is a musician and a rail fan. His fascination with trains started at 14 months old! He collects many different types of trains, and his primary medium for design and exhibition has become LEGO™ trains. He maintains a blog of his collection and creations at MontysLegoTrains.Net.

Organization is very important as setups can be… complex.
Monty’s Workshop is methodically organized!
Rendering this level of detail with LEGOs is a real feat!
“Unit trains are a big part of modern railroading”
Monty approximates conventional model trains’ painting and weathering with bricks!

You can find out more about Monty’s LEGO™ Trains at his website, Monty’sLegoTrains.Net If you are in the DC area, Monty will be exhibiting at a couple shows this month:

  • August 5th and 6th at Brick Fair, a LEGO™ expo at Dulles Expo Center
  • August 26th and 27th at Greenberg’s Great Train and Toy Show
  • September 3rd and 4th at Fairfax Station Labor Day Train Show